4 common myths on second opinion- Busted!


A patient might want a second opinion for innumerable reasons. It can be merely for reassurance or for clarifying his doubts about a particular treatment or a condition. No matter how genuine the reasons being, there are various myths associated with seeking a second opinion.

  • Myth: Patient is confused and unsure

Fact: All a patient wants is to make sure the diagnosis is correct and that the treatment plan suits him. He wants to make an informed decision in choosing his treatment options. Moreover, it allows the patient to explore his options.

  • Myth: A second opinion may compromise the current treatment

Fact: Usually a second opinion is sought to verify the veracity of the initial diagnosis and treatment. Consulting a specialist for a second opinion gives the patient more confidence on the treatment plan. This in turn improves patient adherence to the plan.

  • Myth: Going through the second opinion process is tedious

Fact: Seeking a second opinion within the same healthcare system is advisable to minimize your effort. If your medical records are digitized then getting a specialist consultation can be arranged with minimal paper work. Pursuing the help of an organization that works in collaboration with super-specialty hospitals and doctors is a great option for a hassle-free analysis of your primary diagnosis and treatment.

  • Myth: Second opinion only if the condition is life threatening

Fact: Getting a second opinion may put you at ease when it comes to the primary diagnosis. As medicine is not an exact science, sometimes tests or diagnosis can be inconclusive which can leave you confused as to which treatment option is the best. Moreover, with newer approaches being developed there is a good possibility of obtaining a better approach with fewer side-effects. Thus, whether or not the condition is life threatening, it is always feasible to be double sure of the initial diagnosis.

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Second Medical Opinions- Bringing About a Systemic Change

2nd-opinion-4th-blogoptIn 1977, the state of Massachusetts, USA implemented a regulation that Medicaid (an insurance company) recipients must necessarily obtain a second surgical opinion before elective or high-cost surgery. This was implemented with the hope of reducing the cost associated with rampant and inappropriate surgery. With this fundamental change, getting a second opinion was no longer just an option but it had become a mandatory step in health management.

Nation-wide systems to obtain and manage second of multiple medical opinions are a budding institutional trend, worldwide. So far, only France and Sweden have mandatory systems for second opinions. However, an interesting project in Germany has been started with an aim of improving the care for testicular cancer patients. In 2006, the German Testicular Cancer Study Group initiated an extensive, evidence-based national second opinion network. In collaboration with a health insurer, 20 second-opinion centres have been established that receive patient data and treatment suggestions from the original doctor and then recommend therapy according to evidence-based diagnostics.  Apprehension about existing guidelines (on diagnostic work-up, therapy and surgery) for testicular cancer not being adequately adhered to has led to the establishment of the second opinion project that could, potentially,  lay the foundation for similar management of other tumours also.

Given the segmental structure of the healthcare system in Germany, which is reflected in India as well, the second-opinion network demonstrates, for the first time, a new way to improve the quality of healthcare system by engaging specialists at multidisciplinary centres in the decision making process. Now, patients and doctors have an easy way to consult the best panel of experts to seek a second opinion. 

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A Second Opinion Story- A Revelation

Let us take a closer look at today’s complex and often contentious world of healthcare and medicine. If you find yourself wondering whether a second opinion is worth the trouble involved, read on to learn more.


Every patient’s Advocate

She has been named as one of CNN’s Heroes of Patient Empowerment in 2008. She is known as “Every patient’s Advocate” and writes extensively on diverse health topics such as medical records, overconfident doctors, aggressive medication, and many more! Yes, we are talking about Trisha Torrey who is a popular patient empowerment activist.

Do you know Ms. Torrey’s story and how she went on to become a renowned patient advocate who helps people understand the healthcare system and get the best out of it?

Back in 2004, she was “diagnosed” with Subcutaneous Panniculitis-like T-Cell Lymphoma. This is a very rare form of cancer with a very high mortality rate. Her biopsy samples were examined by two independent laboratories and a confirmed diagnosis of this rare form of lymphoma had been handed to her. Predictably, her oncologist recommended immediate chemotherapy! Faced with an inner conflict between her intuition and over the need to trust the medical diagnosis, Ms. Torrey sought a second opinion to quell her doubts and understand whether her diagnosis was indeed right!

She, therefore, sent her biopsy samples to a specialist at the prestigious National Institute of Health and the reports came back normal!! Ms. Trisha Torrey was not even a cancer patient to begin with. She had been misdiagnosed and the corrected diagnosis was one of ‘Panniculitis (it is an inflammation of fat cells)’ alone! The world of medicine, like any other field of work, is prone to such moments of non- astute diagnosis and misguided perceptions
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A Factsheet on Second Opinion

Second Opinion- Fact Sheet

Second Opinion- A Factsheet

Ever wonder why you should consider getting a second opinion from a specialist as qualified or more as your current doctor? We have a few answers for you. Read on to understand your right to a second opinion and look at the options available to you or your loved ones when it comes to tackling health conditions.

  1. First and foremost, as a patient, you are free to obtain second opinions on your medical problems with or without your primary physician’s knowledge. Two heads are better than one. So, getting an opinion or reconfirmation from another doctor is an established practice in the medical world.
  2. It is inappropriate for your primary physician to terminate or chastise you for your decision to seek second opinion.
  3. Also, your primary physician is bound by law to provide you with a detailed case history about your condition, including the recommendations on treatment options.
  4. When you seek a second opinion, it is inappropriate for the primary physician to terminate the patient-physician relationship solely because of the patient’s decision to obtain a second opinion.
  5. Your consultant physician whom you seek a second opinion from should provide you with a clear understanding of the opinion that is being given to you. Even if your does not agree with the recommendations of the first physician, the confidentiality of the patient evaluation should be maintained at all times.
  6. As a matter of fact, you may ask the second medical physician to even provide you with the medical care.
  7. It is unlawful and unethical for your physicians to establish an agreement or understanding among themselves to refuse to treat each others’ patients when asked to provide a second opinion.

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