Anxiety: Does it make you anxious?

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Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. It helps one to cope with tense situation such as dealing with a tough boss in office or while giving speech in crowded place or while studying hard during exams. In general it helps one to deal with such hard situations in life. But when this anxiety becomes excessive and irrational dread of everyday situation, it leads to disabling disorder known as “Anxiety disorder”.

It is alarming to know that anxiety disorders affect about 40 million adults in U.S population who are 18 years and older (about 18%). It is seen that women are 60% more likely than men to experience an anxiety disorder over their lifetime. There are different types of it based on different symptoms, but all the symptoms congregate around excessive and irrational fear. The five commonly observed anxiety disorders are generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive- compulsion disorder (OCD), panic disorder, post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and social phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder).

Is it everyday anxiety or anxiety disorder?

It is important to know that there is a difference between normal everyday anxiety and anxiety disorder. Everyday anxiety is brief and a case or nerves or sweating that happens before an examination or due to non-payment of fees or some realistic fear of a danger.  On the contrary anxiety disorder lasts at least 6 months, are constant and unsubstantiated worry that can cause lot of distress in daily life. It is basically an irrational fear or avoidance of an object, place or situation that poses little or no threat of danger.

What causes it?

Anxiety may be caused by a mental condition, a physical condition or a combination of these two. Scientists also believe that combinations of factors are involved in inducing anxiety in any individual such as genes, pollution, stress and diet.

What are its symptoms?

Most common symptoms of anxiety disorder include

  • Overwhelming feelings of panic and fear
  • Uncontrollable obsessive thoughts
  • Painful and intrusive memories
  • Physical symptoms may include heart pounding, muscle tension and feeling sick

How is it diagnosed?

If you think you are suffering from any kind of anxiety disorder, the first priority is to see your doctor. Your doctor will conduct a careful diagnosis evaluation to determine whether the symptoms are caused by anxiety disorder or due to some other physical problems. If a person is diagnosed with anxiety disorder, it is vital to understand the type of disorder and any co-existing conditions like alcoholism or depression.


In general, anxiety disorders are treated with medication, specific types of psychotherapy or both.

Medication must be prescribed by physicians, usually psychiatrists and the principal medications used mainly to control physical symptoms of anxiety are anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, or beta-blockers

Psychotherapy is all about taking professional help to discover the triggers of anxiety and ways to deal with them. One of the most important therapies which work best in treatment of anxiety disorder is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This therapy helps in changing the thinking and behavioral patterns of patients to overcome fear and anxiety.

Are there any alternative methods of management?

Self-care – Many people with anxiety disorder gets benefited by joining a support group where they can share their problems and tensions with their trusted friends or members. But this shouldn’t be taken as a substitute for professional mental care and treatment.

Yoga – Stress management, meditation and yoga can also help people to overcome anxiety disorders symptoms. As yoga is a mind-body practice that combines stretching exercises, controlled breathing and relaxation, it helps to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve heart function. Yoga is considered as one of the best ways to bringing together physical and mental discipline in order to achieve peacefulness of body and mind that helps to manage stress and anxiety.

Why Texas Medical Concierge?

Texas Medical Concierge has introduced evidence-based holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation classes, and homeopathy to help our patients to overcome these symptoms of anxiety. We believe that people will remain healthy and happy when they live in close healing harmony with “Mother Nature”.


Telemedicine and geriatric care

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The latest cutting edge technology has definitely created a paradigm shift in the mode of healthcare delivery. Not only has it succeed in making the patients more independent it has also changed the location of care.

Ever wondered what our grandparents would have done thirty to forty years ago if they had a medical issue and lived in a geographic area without good medical infrastructure or personnel? They would probably be pondering as to where to go, whom to consult, and finally end up shelling out a considerable amount of money traveling and staying in the chosen locale. In all probability, they would have chosen a place that easier to access than choosing one that is more appropriate for their treatment.

Not anymore!! Today, telemedicine is all set to revolutionize geriatric healthcare.

Telemedicine is all about using technology to treat, monitor, and follow up on patients wherever they are.  High end digital health care technologies enables this and a recent study from McKinsey tells us that nearly 75% of the patient are interested in digital healthcare services including telemedicine.

Does it work and how?

It is generally believed that geriatric patients may not be too tech savvy and would have difficulties adjusting to telemedicine. A survey has shown that, on the contrary, senior citizens are keen on learning how to use gadgets that make life easy for them. Some elderly people take to the idea of telemedicine as it gives them an escape from the hassles of a physical visit to the clinic or hospital.

For such people, help is available at their fingertips. Delhi-based Texas Medical Concierge has introduced several telemedicine initiatives in India such as super-specialized second opinions, medical travel services, stress and emotional health evaluation, appointment reminders and diagnostic test scheduling that can help to address problems in geriatric healthcare. Texas Medical Concierge services are able to assist patients by using high-definition video, advanced audio and peripheral medical devices. We, also help our patients to find best physicians and super specialists depending upon their needs and requirements with all aspects of clinical liaison including:

  • Vitual medical consultations Virtual medical consultations involve communication with leading doctors, physicians and specialist through electronic devices. The helps patients to discuss about the health problems and treatment options available by asking questions with their doctors and vice versa.
  1. Confidential transmission of electronic health care records help to ensure the privacy, confidentiality and security of medical records.
  2. Having access to proper post- intervention and follow-up care is important especially after undergoing surgical procedures to identify changes in health for improvement.

Way forward

We are convinced that telemedicine has shifted the locus of healthcare. The shift towards technology based healthcare has made the patients more independent and more secured. Texas Medical concierge is therefore highly committed towards bridging the gap between their patients, doctors and specialist through telemedicine services. In order to know more about telemedicine options for your family’s health, please get in touch with us at or call at 91 11 4619 4444.

Is rheumatoid arthritis affecting your lifestyle? Yoga might have answers


Get to know if arthritis is hijacking your lifestyle and what can you do about this.

Tender, warm, and swollen joints; joint stiffness noticed early in the morning lasting for hours; bumps of tissue under the skin; fatigue and loss of weight could all be the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. And if you thought that you would face all these symptoms only in your 50s you are wrong. Rheumatoid arthritis, although can occur at any age, usually starts before you hit 40. It does not help being a woman as it affects women more often than men.

People succumb to rheumatoid arthritis when their own immune system mistakenly attacks their own body. This misguided attack end up damaging the lining of joints, which in turn, causes pain and swelling, eventually leading to bone erosion and joint deformity. Typically, rheumatoid arthritis starts off with pain in small joints of the fingers or toes and last about 3-4 to four weeks to come back again. There are some known triggers that initiate pain.

These are

  • Cold weather
  • Stress
  • Familial tendency
  • Gout

Now how do you manage your daily life if you do suffer from rheumatoid arthritis? The first line of treatment usually starts with pain killer tablets. If things do not improve, in the next stage of treatment, pain killers are given in combination with steroids. These drugs do provide symptomatic relief by suppressing inflammation and, to an extent, prevent joint destruction. An orthopedician might also prescribe you ‘Disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs’ (DMARDs).  However, in extreme cases one may need complicated surgeries for joint replacement.

Don’t be perturbed just as yet, yoga can offer you an alternative solution. Yoga practices combined with pranayama help to improve strength and flexibility of the joints. Regular practice of yoga can also help in providing relief from severe arthritis and improve flexibility. It can also effectively bring down uric acid levels. High levels of uric acid in the blood can cause accumulation of solid crystals in joints that leads to joint pain, accompanied with sudden burning pain, stiffness and swelling in a joint. The presence of high uric acid level in body could be a painful condition and dangerous too, if it is overlooked and not taken care. Hence practicing yoga regularly is found to be very effective in easing the discomfort associated with the build-up of uric acid and thus helping in faster recovery from arthritic condition.

Texas Medical Concierge Makes History- Introducing Integrated International Concierge Medicine

Globalization of healthcare services does not complicate the continuity of care offered at Texas Medical Concierge. We, at Texas Medical Concierge, have both the facility and the competence to arrange for follow-up appointments and post-operative care following your return back home. We will ensure your access to health-care providers not only in India but also anywhere in the world! We will look after you during your travel abroad as well as before and after your return from international health-care destinations. At Texas Medical Concierge, we work with the highest quality hospitals and physicians, and consider quality patient care and patient safety as our topmost priority. At a recently held conference, International India Medical Tourism Congress (#IIMTC2014), our President and Chief Clinical Psychologist, Ms. Aanchal Bhatia presented a compelling talk on Telemedicine! Here is an excerpt of Ms. Aanchal Bhatia’s speech at the prestigious #IIMTC2014. As we know, Telemedicine is under the Tele-health umbrella. Telemedicine involves the use of internet-aided communication technologies like audio/video calls and video conferences to link patients with physicians who are situated miles apart. In fact, a telemedicine consultation is just like having a Skype call with your family members living in America or Europe. Telemedicine at TMC Telemedicine applications allow distant physicians to

  • Evaluate,
  • Diagnose,
  • Treat and
  • Provide follow-up care

to their patients from far-off regions. Thus, the goal of telemedicine is to bridge the gap between the specialist/physician & you! At Texas Medical Concierge, our unique 360 degree approach for cross border medical travel is as follows:

  • Bespoke outbound medical travel and concierge for Indians who seek the best medical facilities in India, USA, UK, Singapore, Germany and Thailand.
  • Inbound Medical travel services to foreigners and non resident Indians who seek treatment and alternative therapies in India.
  • Local concierge services to expats, Embassies and Clients seeking medical concierge services.

Cutting edge technologies to overcome the distance between patients, doctors and specialists at Texas Medical Concierge, include the following:

  • Electronic Health Records- digitalization of all your health records,
  • Clinical liaisons- suggesting healthcare options ranging from Ayurveda to Nuclear Medicine, and
  • Virtual Tele-consultations- Consult your physician  via our sophisticated Tele-medicine satellite conferencing system

When you travel abroad to avail the very best of healthcare services, our team at Texas Medical Concierge will be your family, your home-away-from-home; in short, we will help you make that journey!