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Wellness at workplace

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Mental health requires serious attention of organizations as it is a significant health issue affecting businesses globally. We might avoid talking about mental health at workplace but it is important considering its cost to employers.

A healthy workplace values and supports its employees, providing them a positive workspace attitude. Regardless of what work one does or where he or she fits in the organizational hierarchy, an active engagement of oneself in the organization with a sound emotional health holds the key to a healthy and happy business.  A happy workplace also ensures increase in productivity, improves presentism and also can lower the total medical costs.

Employees undergoing emotional issues face incredible challenges at the workplace, where they tend to get misunderstood and underutilized. Organizations however, cannot afford to be indifferent to this situation when there is already a shortage of skilled manpower across the globe. Misconceptions about cost- effectiveness of the treatment and a general wariness about all things related to mental health are the major blocks for organizations from addressing the emotional health issues of their employees.

The high cost of mental illnesses can be mitigated with a timely diagnosis and intervention. Appropriate workplace with psychiatric management improves the overall wellbeing of an employee and increases his or her productivity. Below are some data to support this statement:

  • A 1.7:1 return in investment was achieved by Abott for having conducted a depression screening program[i]
  • About 86 % of employees  showed improved work performance after being treated for depression [ii]
  • A Harris Poll showed that 80% of patients reported high levels of efficacy and satisfaction after being treated for mental illness[iii].

Things to be done at your workplace  to promote mental health:

  • Encouraging active employee participation in decision making
  • Defining  set roles and responsibilities for employees
  • Encouraging work-life balance
  • Workload management
  • Continuous skill development and learning
  • Conflict resolution practices at work place
  • Effective employee recognition

How can Texas Medical Concierge help your organization?

Texas Medical Concierge offers priority access to The Menninger Clinic which is one of the leading International Clinics with expertise in mental well-being for working professionals who need support. The Menninger Clinic is a specialty psychiatric hospital which treats adults and adolescents with complex mental illnesses such as anxiety, severe mood swings, personality and addictive disorders.

At Texas Medical Concierge we understand the importance of holistic therapies for emotional & psychological wellness. We offer our esteemed members the benefits of complementary services like yoga, transcendental meditation and hypnotherapy to cope with the stress of urban lifestyles and work pressure.

To know more about our services, please contact www.texasmedicalconcierge.com



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