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Medical Tourism- Myths and Facts

Using foreign medical professionals for your treatments can be apprehensive initially. But once you get to know the benefits of getting treated at a different country you would recommend medical travel to your friends and family too, the most common benefit sought for… cheap and economic treatments. One has to be careful however, before deciding to travel abroad for medical reasons. Level of quality when it comes to medical services may not be uniform across countries. Infrastructure, professional expertise, cost of treatments may all differ from country to country. Choose your options carefully before venturing out of your country for a medical advice or procedure.  We have briefly discussed below some common myths associated with medical travel to ease out your apprehensions.

Myth: Travel costs will be hard on your savings money-bag-black-white-line-art-coloring-book-colouring-svg

Fact: The inexpensive treatments can subsidize your travel costs. The money you save on your medical procedures can be used for your travel expenses and your accommodation. On top, you get an opportunity for a vacation while you heal. It is best to consider your budget, available treatment options in the home country before you decide to travel abroad. You can choose a country closer to your home country, if the travel costs are bothering you too much.

Myth: Low cost of treatment is equivalent to low quality service low quality servcice pic

Fact: Cost of the medicines can be as little as 10% of what you pay at home. But it doesn’t mean that it is inferior. A lot of these medicines are manufactured by the same companies that sell the product in your home country. These are just sold at lower costs in developing countries. While abroad, avoid buying pharmaceuticals on the streets or on the internet considering the obvious risks. Stick to your physician for the prescribed treatment.

In terms of the quality of materials and equipment, they are as good as any medical equipment would cost. The savings however, come from the labor and not from the quality of the products used. Medical facilities in some countries are in fact comparable to five-star hotels. The standard of nursing care and personal attention in most medical travel destinations is very high in. Some of these destinations have access to newer techniques and treatments that are not yet available in developed nations.

Myth: Foreign doctors do not speak English toungue tied

Fact: English is the primary language of science. And therefore, all educated people in the world have decent English skills and so do the medical professionals. When in doubt, just ask.

Myth: Foreign medical professionals lack quality and training training icon

Fact: It would be wrong to assume that foreigners have inferior training. Chances are that the doctors, dentists and other medical care professionals at your home country are foreign trained and are immigrants. The fact that they choose to not migrate and practice in their home countries doesn’t necessarily mean that they are less trained or less educated. In fact the different philosophies of therapies of these foreign practitioners might be actually superior.

Myth: Medical tourism is all about cosmetic surgery ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Fact: Though some medical tourism facilitators heavily promote cosmetic surgery packages, it is not the only kind of medical procedure you get  overseas. Most commonly sought medical treatments abroad are eye surgeries, dental procedures, preventive diagnostics, orthopedic and joint procedures, fertility treatments, spine surgeries and alternative health.

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