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Stress management techniques that have worked effectively in new age

We are all accustomed to stress, it is something we deal with time and again., There are however times when the stress level are higher than what we are accustomed to, and our mind is now juggling between being confused and certain on whether the end result will be effective or not.

What is the hidden meaning behind the definition of stress management? It is the processes we imbibe to help cope with stress through relaxation techniques and psychotherapies. Experts have over the year’s devised range of stress management techniques such as listening to music, absorbing fresh air to just imbibe waves of refreshment and relaxation vibes.  The stress management programs offered by Texas Medical Concierge are as follows.

Evidence Based Therapy:

Evidence Based Therapy is a widely used therapy to treat stress; here evidence plays a critical role in treatment. The commonly used approaches in this therapy are cognitive and behavioural therapies and these have shown certain degree of efficacy in treating children, adolescents and adults. It is widely used in treating drug addiction.


Acupuncture is among the most effective therapies for stress management, and numerous people have experienced a positive difference after an acupuncture treatment. The evidence of it is published in Journal of Endocrinology March 2013 issue, where an experiment was conducted to measure the effect of acupuncture on stress levels on rats.The animals were subjected to cold environment for ten days and were assessed for reduced level of stress hormones. The results revealed, rats subjected to acupuncture had reduced levels of stress hormones cortisol and ACTH compared to rats that were not subjected to acupuncture.

Biofeedback programs:

Biofeed back therapy is a kind of technique where therapist train patients to have control over involuntary functions and it is used to treat high blood pressure, incontinence, chronic pain, headaches and migraine.

Texas Medical Concierge is an established Medical Concierge  that offers state of the art stress and pain management programs. The programs offered are evidence based therapy, acupuncture and bio feedback programs.

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