Global Consult Facilitation

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Now have your concierge physician represent your case to your  family doctor or a senior specialist physician.

Consult with leading medical experts without travelling. As our technologies permit communications between patient and healthcare professionals with both convenience and fidelity. If you have the will we are your way.

At Texas Medical Concierge we are proud to incorporate cutting edge technologies to overcome the distance between patients, doctors and specialists. Using high-definition video, advanced audio and peripheral medical devices, we are able to assist patients with real time consults. We help patients to find super-specialists best suited for their needs and assist with all aspects of clinical liaison including:

  • Virtual medical consultations with leading doctors and specialists in our our state-of-the-art telemedicine clinic.
  • Confidential transmission of electronic health records.
  • Post-intervention & follow-up care for our patients who have undergone procedures overseas

Healthcare today needs to ride the tide of technology and Healthcare tomorrow will have no geographical boundaries.Texas Medical Concierge is committed towards bridging the gap between quality and accessibility within the healthcare market.[/vc_column_text]

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