Medical Case Management

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Why not have an unbiased professional team be your medical secretary to manage all your health and wellness needs.

When it comes to health we often don’t have the infrastructure for all the administrative and consultancy support we need.

We engage a chartered accountant to handle all our accounting affairs, a lawyer for our legal and a banker for our financials. Now you can have your very own medical secretariat that does end to end case management.

As your private health advisory we support all your healthcare needs however big or small from diapers to dialysis.

Our professional team

  • Makes medical summaries
  • Presents your case to senior specialists on your behalf
  • Schedule all your appointments
  • Make custom medical passports
  • Coordinate between all the health providers
  • Extensive research and medical intelligence
  • Representing you in front of a senior specialist
  • Navigate the complex world of healthcare on your behalf
  •  Travel Advisories
  • Medical Research


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