Medical Concierge


What Is Medical Concierge?

Private Health Management

A Unique Care Model

One stop solution for all your healthcare needs. Our unique process enables us to provide you services using cutting edge digital technology.

Your Concierge Physician take care of all your health and wellness needs. They are accessible 24 X 7 on phone or through virtual consults. While they do not prescribe medicines or treatments they are your

  • Personal Health Desk
  • Health Advocate
  • Medical Secretary
  • Medical Record Manager
  • Health Manager
  • Clinical Liaison
  • Medical Case Manager
Your Concierge Physician is your one point contact for all your medical needs and emergencies.

When my Father-in-law was suddenly diagnosed with IPF..


When I was challenged by a critical medical issue with one of my parents...


I knew about Texas Medical Concierge when Karan visited Kathmandu..


I came in touch with Texas Medical Concierge in February 2016...

How can you benefit?

Global Health Care At Your Door Step

We help patients to find super- specialists best suited for their needs and assist with all aspects of clinical liaison.

You can benefit in the following ways

  1. Save Cost
  2. Access the world’s best doctors and hospitals
  3. Minimise waiting in lines outside doctors’ offices
  4. Avoid travelling to consult a doctor
  5. Have a professional team manage all your medical needs locally and internationally
  6. Continuity of care and coordination between all your health providers
  7. Post-intervention & follow-up care if you undergone treatment overseas
  8. Have your medical data accessible while you travel
  9. Have a reliable team help take care of your aging parents or sick family member
  10. Have someone represent your interests and watch your back

We have served as a trusted resource for families around the world by guiding them through some of the most important decisions impacting their health and well-being.

David Rix

I ran out of my medication on a business trip to India, Texas Medical Concierge..

JB Malhotra

My wife & I met with an almost fatal car accident in New York.

Paula Butler

Thank you so very much for everything you have done to help us. I can not..

Sarita Gupta

Right from the day I got diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2016 TMC has been My..

Why become a member?

Be the CEO of your family's health

In today’s day technology has touched each aspect of our lives. Why not use it to become healthier or to seek health care ?
If you have the will we are your way to change the way you have been managing your family’s health.

10 reasons why you need us if:

  1. You or your loved one is just diagnosed with a serious medical condition
  2. You travel a lot
  3. You or your family member has a chronic condition
  4. You are caring for your parents or a senior
  5. You or a family member has an undiagnosed condition
  6. Your health records are not accessible on one consolidated app or portal
  7. You like to be proactive and not reactive about your health
  8. You have multiple doctors taking care of your family needs
  9. Your family doctor is not your global patient advocate
  10. You care for your family

At Texas Medical Concierge we help you navigate the complex world of healthcare by simplifying your search for a specialist doctor and the hospital best suited for your needs. We research, schedule appointments and manage your case so that you and your family can concentrate on getting well while we take care of your concierge needs.

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