Medical Emergency

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Today the world is more global and travel is the norm. But ever wondered who can help you  in case of a medical emergency?

Who is it that has all your medical data and the expertise to take a decision on your behalf? Who will take care of the administrative tasks and coordination?

Our team support you with your emergency as well as emergency medical evacuation.

Option 1 – If you are a member call your concierge physician or our emergency line

Option 2 – Depending on the nature of your emergency call a medical ambulance or rush to a hospital. Then call our emergency line

At Texas Medical Concierge your personal health team manages it all for you by being your advocate. Our members give us their medical data and prior permissions making it easy for our team to coordinate your care. See how we helped one such family who met with an accident in the middle of New York City.[/vc_column_text]

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