Medical Travel Facilitation

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If you have the will we are your way.

You can now access the best healthcare facilities in the world based on your unique needs. The best treatment for your condition may not be in your city why limit your options.

Specializing in confidential co-ordination of patients’ travel and case management we can help you with a seamless travel process. Patients or their families can call our team of dedicated health concierge to organize every detail. We are also available to discuss any special assistance that you would require, for example, a paramedic on-flight, priority seats, meals, wheelchairs, prepaid baggage and other such special requirements.

Our end-to-end services include clinical liaison along with coordination of ancillary services such as:

  • Ticketing and booking
  • Personalized airport transfers
  • Specialized lodging
  • Transportation services
  • Concierge doctors and nurses
  • Professional caregivers
  • Home healthcare equipment and supplies
  • Scheduling tests and procedures for the patient


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