Mental Health

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Our psychological, social and emotional well being are as important as our physical health.

Very often mental health problems lead to physical health problems and vice versa. Health both mental and physical is often not a personal issue but a family issue.

Further interpersonal relationships with our family and friends impact our health significantly. Research shows that important social relationships like close families, have been demonstrated to decrease the likelihood of the onset of chronic disease, disability, mental illness, and death.

Unfortunately, problematic and non-supportive familial interactions have a negative impact on health. “There is increasing evidence that poor-quality relationships can actually harm physical and mental health.

At Texas Medical Concierge we focus on you and your family unit as a whole. If you or someone you love are struggling to find mental health resources we can help you find many support therapies from hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, deaddiction to meditation. We understand that these referrals need to be confidential and our concierge physicians are here for you to connect you with specialists who respect your privacy.

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