Personalized Medicine

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Because you are unique and not generic.

Personalized medicine is treating a person keeping in mind an individual’s susceptibility to diseases, genetic traits, response to certain drugs, optimum dosage, drug sensitivity, lifestyle and threshold for pain and exercises.

  • Genome mapping, creation of a genetic map and DNA sequencing
  • Hormone screening
  • Nutritional assessment: individual’s measurement of micronutrients, antioxidants and macro minerals
  • Specialized wellness laboratory services to test how well your body absorbs vitamins and other micronutrients. We are able to determine oxidative damage to your cells and levels of essential fatty acids
  • Allergy screening
  • Scientific emotional stress measurement tests
  • Pain assessment
  • Lifestyle evaluation
  • Sports medicine & muscle function test
  • Bioenergy field measurement
  • For Personalized medicine to be fully functioning, it is important to use all this individual information to map out an integrative holistic treatment approach.
  • Custom made nutraceutical and supplements design specifically for your body type
  • Summarized genomic reports for your treating physicians
  • Access to custom digital medical reports
  • Personalized holistic preventive health plan
  • Personalized lifestyle intervention program
  • Personalized holistic treatments integrating modern medicine with traditional therapies
  • Stress and pain management programs using biofeedback, acupuncture and evidence based therapy
  • Personalized medical emergency pelican packs
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