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A credible medical second opinion is invariably a challenge faced by patients who wish to know all their treatment options.

When you or your loved one is diagnosed with a medical condition how do you go about taking a second opinion? You ask your family and friends who may or may not be qualified to match the right physician for you. There is no best doctor in the world, it’s a question of who is the best for you and your condition.

Texas Medical Concierge is pleased to be in a position to help you access highly specialized care from leading global medical institutions. Our medical team studies all your medical data and suggests disease based specialists based on your needs. We help you obtain an expert second opinion and understand your treatment options.

Second opinions help to provide confirmation of a patient’s diagnosis and prognosis as well as provide an alternative perspective on their disease or the available treatment options. Second opinion can be sought in the following ways:

  • Face to face consults
  • Written second opinions
  • Sophisticated Video Conferencing aided by state of the art medical cameras and devices

We understand how challenging it is to store, upload and transfer your medical records. Our unique cloud based document management system is managed by an efficient health care team which takes responsibility to:

  • Digitize all the paper medical records
  • Upload all the images, scans and videos
  • Store and forward all medical documents to the consulting medical institution
  • Clinical liaison with super-specialist doctors and global centers of excellence
  • Ensure highest level of patient satisfaction through the medium of consultation chosen


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